A quick class, on our packaging glass

A quick class, on our packaging glass

With the increased demand for glass packaging, it is important to understand the basics before selecting your next bottle, jar, or dropper. Learn how glass packaging can help improve your product.

​Why use glass packaging?
Glass is an environmentally friendly packaging solution. According to the Glass Packaging Institute, it can be recycled infinitely without loss in quality or purity.

Glass is a safeguard against moisture and oxygen and can reduce the chance of harmful chemicals leaking into your product. In fact, glass offers a longer shelf life than any other packaging material.

You will want to make sure that your product’s packaging stands out from the competition. The weight, glossy finish, and transparency of glass packaging can give your product a touch of elegance.
What colors are offered?
Cobalt blue, amber, flint, and green are standard glass packaging colors. Amber glass is ideal when protecting products, such as beer and certain pharmaceuticals, from UV light. Cobalt blue offers moderate light protection, while green slightly protects your product from UV light. Clear glass allows for maximum visibility of your product and is ideal for water, sauces and food which aren’t affected by light. Custom colors are available upon request.

What shapes are available?
Glass comes in a wide variety of shapes and it is important to choose the right solution for your product. Consider the following when selecting a shape for your product. Is it easy for consumers to use? Does it match your brand? Will the shape stand out on a store shelf? Below are a few common glass shapes available.

What sizes are available?
Glass packaging will come in a variety of sizes depending on the bottles shape. It’s important to consider aesthetics, overflow, and dimensions when choosing the proper capacity for your product. Below are some common glass size ranges available.

*Please note neck finishes will vary depending on bottle sizes

What types of closures are available for glass packaging?
Corks, droppers, sprayers, metal caps, and pumps are the most common types of closures used with glass packaging.

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